ArchiMate 2.1 as an open and independent modelling language now complements The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF).  An essential skill that all IS/IT architects must have is the ability to communication architectural ideas in a formal way. The ArchiMate® 2.1 Specification (published by The Open Group) has been designed to address both these requirements. It is a lightweight language based on UML, with capabilities of describing all layers of architecture, from Enterprise through to Technology.


      ·    Introduction to ArchiMate® 2.1 specification,

  • Walk through the notation, terminology, structure, and concepts of the ArchiMate modelling language.
  • End to end case applying ArchiMate modelling.


Training Duration:

Duration: 3 days

Session:  9 am to 5 pm



·         Course Introduction

·         Introduction / recap of TOGAF

·         Overview of ArchiMate

·         Foundations of Enterprise Architecture and the ArchiMate Language

·         Enterprise Architecture Modeling using ArchiMate 2.1

·         The Business Layer

·         The Application Layer

·         The Technology Layer

·         Language Extension Mechanisms

·         The Motivation Extension

·         Implementation and Migration Extension

·         Modeling Cross-Layer Dependencies

·         Modeling Relationships

·         ArchiMate Viewpoints

·         Language Extension Mechanisms

·         Certified Tool Support for the ArchiMate Language

·         Using the ArchiMate Language with other Frameworks and Languages

·         ArchiMate Course Summary

·         Foundation Exam preparation


Course Completion Outcome

·         Participants should be able to make practical use of the ArchiMate® 2.1 modeling language for developing enterprise architecture models.

·         Participants should have gained the knowledge of the terminology, structure and concepts needed to pass the ArchiMate® 2.1 Foundation and Certification examination.


Materials given to participants

1.      ArchiMate ® Certification Slides

2.      Study Guide

3.      Pocket Guide

4.      Case Study

5.      White Paper

6.      Reference Cards

7.      ArchiMate Specification



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