The last decade has been a strange aberration in the IT & T industry, mainly due to some of the panic factors emanating from sources external to the industry and some other issues falling squarely within the industry's own perimeters.
In the late nineties, there were two phenomena that dominated IT budgets - the panic of Y2K and the crazy, frenzied days of e-commerce. To a lesser extent there were minor panics created by deadline-based IT drivers such as Euro conversion in Europe and the introduction of GST in Australia.
The most common factor was that, fuelled by panic, several users introduced ‘single purpose‘ packages or embarked on fast track software development, leading to a collage of products and solutions - each best fit for the purpose- but not fitting into any pattern or architecture. The pieces in the puzzle do not fit . It is like several Lego pieces were tipped into one big pile and messed around by a very naughty child.
Adding to the chaos were vendor driven strategies for niche areas which often forced the users to adopt a particular hardware or software or a vendor-‘architecture' platform.
The net result….an ill defined, ill structured ‘infrastructure’ with no semblance of an ‘architecture‘ what so ever...and of course the budget buckets drained to the core and very little funds available to scrape from its bottom.


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