EA EXpress Course Detail and Agenda

This is our full fledged TOGAF® 9.1 training program that covers both TOGAF® 9 Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. The course name EA Express (powered  by  TOGAF® 9.1) V4.0 is the name for the course given as part of its The Open Group Accreditation.
This Course is fully accredited for TOGAF® 9.1 by The Open Group. Please Click here to view the Accreditation Certificate .
This course is offered to Corporations (as exclusive batch) and Individuals (as Public/Open training batch) at the following levels:
TOGAF 9 combined Level 1 and 2 certification
Note: This course will prepare you for TOGAF® 9 Level 1 and 2 Certification. Certification examinations are external to the course. CC and C solutions will provide Exam vouchers to cover the examination fees.
Instructor led face to face classroom 4 days duration
Course Purpose
The purpose of certification for TOGAF 9 Level 2, known as TOGAF 9 Certified, is to provide validation that in addition to the knowledge and comprehension of TOGAF 9 Foundation, the Candidate is able to analyze and apply this knowledge. The learning objectives at this level therefore focus on application and analysis in addition to knowledge and comprehension.
Who should attend
  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF 9
  • Professionals who are working in an organization where TOGAF 9 has been adopted and who need to participate in architecture projects and initiatives
  • Architects who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts
  • Architects who wish to introduce TOGAF 9 into an architecture practice
  • Architects who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of TOGAF 9
What is covered:
  • ADM phases
  • Architecture Governance
  • TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • Building Blocks
  • Stakeholder Management Technique
  • TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • TOGAF recommended techniques
  • Key Deliverables
  • Partitioning
  • Architecture Repository
  • Iteration and different levels of architecture
  • Adapt the ADM for security
  • Adapt the ADM for the SOA style of architecture
  • Architecture maturity models
  • Architecture Skills Framework
Pre Requisites:  None
Course Duration: 4 Days

TOGAF® 9.1 Training - TOGAF® 9 certification Level 1 and Level 2

(EA Express (powered  by  TOGAF® 9.1) V4.0)

Table of Contents:

Day 1

·         Course overview

·         Introduction of participants  

·         Module 0- Course introduction

·         Module 00- Overview of EA 

·         Module 1- TOGAF® 9 overview

·         Module 2-TOGAF® 9 components

·         Module 3-Introduction to ADM

·         Module 4-Enterprise Continuum

·         Module 5-Architcture repository

·         Module 6-Architecture content framework

·         Module 7-Metamodel

    Day 2

·         Wake up Quiz

·         Module 8-Preliminary Phase of ADM

·         Module 9-Architercture Governance

·         Module 10- Business Scenarios

·         Module 11-Stakeholder management

·         Module 12-Views and viewpoints

·         Module 13-Building Blocks

·         Module 14-Implementation support

·         Module 15- Phase A  Vision

·         Module 16-Phase B Business architecture

·         Module 17-Phase C Overview of IS architecture

·         Module 18-Phase C- Data architecture

·         Module 18A- Data architecture views and view points

·         Module 19-I3 RM

·         Module 20-Phase C-Application  architecture

·         Module 20A-Application architecture views and viewpoint

Day 3

·         Wake up Quiz

·         Module 21-Foundation architecture

·         Module 22-Phase D Technology architecture

·         Module 22A-Technology architecture views and viewpoints

·         Module 23- Migration planning 

·         Module 24-Phase E-Opportunities and solutions

·         Module 25-Phase F Migration planning

Day 4

·         Wake up Quiz

·         Recap by Team 3

·         Module26-Phase G Implementation governance

·         Module 27-Phase H Architecture change management

·         Module 28- Architecture requirements management

·         Module 29-Architecture partitioning

·         Module 30-Iterations

·         Module 31-Securityarchitecture

·         Module 32-SOA

·         Module 33-Architecture maturity model

·         Module 34-Architecture skills framework

·         Certification quiz- practice

·         Conclusion and feedback

This certification requires passing external examination by The Open Group.  Exam vouchers will be provided for appearing for the external examination (the TOGAF® 9 combined Part 1 and Part 2 exam) valid for 12 months.


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