The Corporation has a unique and successful membership warehouse club business model which provides a wide selection of merchandise for its members. As of July 2012, it was the fifth largest and the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States.  The business model is focused with selective high margin market.

Though the business model has been extremely successful, the Information (IT) Systems have not kept phase with the state of the art technology.

The highly centralized legacy based systems have been focusing on only North America. It now wants to move forward with global expansion outside North America, with decentralized and distributed computing and modernisation of the Enterprise IT Architecture.

The modernization program involves dozens of related initiatives which are interlinked including membership, warehouse, business continuity and mobility areas. Various proprietary Enterprise Architecture (EA) approaches were tried in the past with limited success, leading to selection of TOGAF as the basis for an open standard based EA.

The retailer was looking for an organization that will take them all the way with EA that is able to deliver comprehensive value and also to remove bottle necks that arise while adopting the EA processes.

Why CC and C Solutions

CC and C solution fitted their selection criteria, as the only organization that could assist them to meet the challenges based on a Global search. We could cover the entire spectrum of EA from Business Application, Information and Technology as well as cross functional architectures such Integration and Security. Our experience in the practical use of TOGAF provided COSTO with readymade templates and checklists leading to fast track implementation of TOGAF.

What are services offered in the Project?

  • Roadmap for the ADM processes at two levels both strategic and tactical level.

o   The objective of Strategic cycle is to provide a tool for executive management for prioritising the modernization initiatives

o   The objective of the tactical cycle is to provide the each project initiative with its own ADM cycle to provide an ongoing EA context.


  • Helped provide a strong EA foundation for modernization
  • Highlighted the gaps especially in Business Architecture that need to be addressed
  • Enhanced collaboration of the Architecture Teams and create a Common vision
  • Linked the architectural layers to provide end to end traceability


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