One of the Australian "big four" banks and the second-largest bank in New Zealand with 12.2 million customers wanted a neutral company to study existing architecture, and determine its effectiveness as well as advise on future architecture, based on business needs and technology trends in the fast moving communication market.

The bank was looking for a strategic consultant to help in the process.

Why CC and C Solutions

CC and C Solutions was selected due to value for money and business flexibility as well as providing a team of well experienced and diverse consultants.

What are services offered in the Project?

  • Study of the current Enterprise Communication architecture, including business and technology architectures.
  • Conduct workshop with CIO and senior business unit managers and to identify their concerns and expectations.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of the current architecture, measured qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • Review future technology and business trends with recommendation of new governance structure.


Recommendations helped the bank to take strategic and informed decision, saving millions of dollars and helped to construct an effective outsourcing model for the future.


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