Services Offered by CC and C Solutions Include:
  • Total Enterprise Architecture implementation services
  • Application / Information / Technology Architecture layer implementation services
  • Enterprise Architecture training courses / implementation workshops/ hand-holding
  • Selection of the right architectural methodology
  • Selection of the right architectural tools
  • One-off consultancy assignments related to any Enterprise Architecture process E.g. Governance
  • Specialised cross-industry architecture services E.g. Mobile Architecture or Security Architecture
  • Linking between vertical industry architecture services ( Health/Telco/Retail etc) and cross industry architectural frameworks (Such as TOGAF)
  • Selection of architects / Provision of architectural resources (short term and long term)
Enterprise Architecture Solutions
The last decade has been a strange aberration in the IT & T industry, mainly due to some of the panic factors emanating from sources external to the industry and some other issues falling squarely within the industry's own perimeters.In the late nineties, there were two phenomena that dominated IT budgets - the panic of Y2K and the crazy, frenzied days of e-commerce. To a lesser extent there were minor panics created by deadline-based IT drivers such as Euro conversion in Europe and the introduction of GST in Australia. The most common factor was that, fuelled by panic, several users introduced 'single purpose' packages or embarked on fast track software development, leading to a collage of products and solutions – each best fit for the purpose- but not fitting into any pattern or architecture. The pieces in the puzzle do not fit . It is like several Lego pieces were tipped into one big pile and messed around by a very naughty child.Adding to the chaos were vendor driven strategies for niche areas which often forced the users to adopt a particular hardware or software or a vendor-'architecture' platform.
The net result….an ill defined, ill structured 'infrastructure' with no semblance of an 'architecture' what so ever...and of course the budget buckets drained to the core and very little funds available to scrape from its bottom.
So who are our current and potential clients?
  • Organisations who want to rationalise their Enterprise architecture but do not know where to start
  • Organisations going through business merger/acquisition/ rationalisation
  • Organisations with internal Architecture groups ( of one person, sometimes) who simply can not afford to wait long and need a few quick wins
And how do we do it?
As Zachman says 'bit by bit to an excruciating level of detail'. We have a proven methodology based on a customised approach to each organisation taking the best that each methodology / tool offers , artifacts selected from the Architectural continuum – from the customers' legacy systems, from the vendors' own architectures , from the vertical industry 'architecture' that the organisation belongs to and tempered by global best practices in Enterprise Architectural Implementation.
How long does it take?
We stay as long as your team needs us. Typically for an average medium to large organisation, it will take about 100 days from A to O. The methodology includes a proven eight step process augmented by ready-made templates, input/output check lists, business scenarios, and metrics. However if you tell us at any time 'We are now OK; you can go', we go.
What are the steps involved?
  • Snapshot analysis
  • High lighting and prioritising concerns
  • Putting the mechanisms in place to address those concerns
  • Creating architectural principles, rules and guidelines
  • Communicating the benefits and getting concurrence from all stakeholders
  • Putting the wheel of architectural development in motion
  • Training the creators and users
  • Ensuring a strong governance and maintenance regime is set in place
What is our experience and track record?
Collectively we, along with our networked partners, represent accumulated IT knowledge of hundreds of years, our principal with over 30 years of experience in Asia/Pacific in all key disciplines of IT. However our only focus today is Enterprise Architecture.
How do we relate to The Open Group?
We have been an active participant in The Open Group Architecture Forum from July 2001. As exlusive regional partner for The Open Group (2001-2006) and Vice Chair ( 2002-2206), our principal consultant has been providing thought leadership to TOGAF and significant contribution to global EA projects and conferences.
Through the Open Group connections, C C and C Solutions brings to you the benefit of global connections in Architecture with some of the world's leading architectural practitioners as well as other value added services such as facilitating certification and tools usage.
What is the bottom line?
Our bottom line is "to improve your bottom line" through a well orchestrated architectural approach based on a sound methodology, standards, best practices and backed up by some of the best architectural talents in this region.
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