Sparx Enterpris Architect (Sparx EA) Tool Course Overview
Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect tool is one of the industry's leading visual modelling and design tools for Enterprise Architecture modeling, software modelling, and business process modeling.
Parcticipants will learn 
    Sparx EA tool Fundamentals
    To do modelling using Sparx EA for 
    Data model designs etc..
Some of the Sparx EA specific skills students will learn 
    The basics and the necessary detail of the use of Sparx EA
    How to generate and maintain documents from the different parts of the model
    How to link the model with externally maintained documents and data
    How to model requirements and make them traceable all the way through the model to code
    How to model tests and relate them to requirements, components and code
    How to generate frame code and keep the design and code models synchronised
    How to integrate the Sparx EA with external coding environments for round-trip engineering
    How to use the tool in a multi-user environment integrated with a version control system
    How to use the project management capabilities available within Sparx EA






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