“We have engaged CC and C Solutions for providing enterprise/solution architecture trainings; Their experts has a very good blend of domain knowledge/working experiences and is a leading consultant in Strategy & Architecture.”  Venkatesh Veluswamy,  Chief Architect AXA Japan

“CC and C Solutions has great trainers that are very knowledgeable. They relates well to students and are able to hold their attention with interesting and relevant content." James Nugent, Lead Solution ArchitectTower Australia
CC and C Solutions expert are one of very professional expert and instructor I met. I learned from them and work with them for TOGAF enterprise architecture workshop in Cisco twice. All attendee recognized their training contents and teaching. They can link TOGAF and industry methodology to Cisco SONA as well as the architecture play very well, which is benefit to enable Cisco SE do sales transformation and architecture selling.” John Zhang, SE Manager, Cisco Systems, China
“CC and C Solutions has been working with Cisco Systems throughout Asia Pacific. They have conducted training courses on enterprise architecture and certification on TOGAF. They have also been working with us to synthesize business requirements of various industries with the enterprise architecture planning processes. They brings practical experience to an esoteric discipline (EA) which is unique and highly valuable.”  Ron Fons, Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems Hong Kong
“CC and C Solutions has provided Enterprise Architecture strategy consulting and Enterprise Architecture training, including TOGAF certification training, for us at P&G. They are very insightful and a real pleasure to work with. Their vast experience in EA has been invaluable to us at P&G”  Michael Fulton, Senior Architect, Procter & Gamble USA
“CC and C Solutions is one of the leading industry experts on Enterprise Architecture and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Their deep subject matter knowledge and extensive practical experience make them an effective EA consultant. CC and C Solutions focuses on what works and real world results vs. book theory. They have now trained multiple sessions within P&G on TOGAF and has received positive feedback for their effectiveness from every session. CC and C solutions is a pleasure to work with and has delivered on all their commitments. I highly recommend them.” Tony Hudnell, Director Procter & Gamble USA
“My experience with CC and C Solutions is that they provides great strategic vision to their clients’ information technology needs, and backs that up with the practical know-how to implement process and technology to support the vision. I strongly recommend them for any position where you need technical and business expertise, creativity, and the ability to work under extreme pressure. You will receive the wonderful bonus of being able to just talk to them, leverage their decades of Extensive enterprise architecture planning, research and development experience. CC and C Solutions can and will help you achieve your goals.”  Vinod Parmar, Senior IT Professional MLC Australia
CC and C Solutions has an excellent understanding of what Enterprise Architecture entails - and the many challenges involved in implementing EA,”  Michael Ellyett, CTO, RHE, New Zealand
CC and C Solutions is a leading global authority on the Enterprise Architecture approach to managing change especially technology change. They couples their specialist knowledge with extensive and comprehensive technology management experience.”  Robert Peake, Senior Manager, Strategy & Architecture, ASIC, Sydney
CC and C Solutions is experience-rich architecture trainer.”  Su Zhe, Director SE, CISCO China
“I have found CC and C Solutions to have highly intelligent, hard working experts of high integrity. I have known their managing principal  personally and professionally for the past 8 years.”  Paul Hickey, Director, The Open Group, USA
“I worked very successfully with CC and C Solutions to implement The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) at Applied Materials. CC and C Solutions has many expert in the field of IT architecture. At the same time they have deep understanding of structure of business and issues involved. CC and C Solutions makes good trade-offs where interest of IT and business require difficult choices. Their experts interacts smoothly with people at all levels of an organization. They have high personal quality standards and integrity. I am always looking for new opportunities to work with them.”  Wil Huijben, Senior Director Applied Materials
“I had the opportunity to get CC and C Solutions expert as a Trainer in a TOGAF EA workshop. He delivered an excellent training demonstrating his mastering of EA and his broad technical knowledge and professional experience. He is also very fun and pleasant to be with. I highly recommend them as an EA expert, consultant and trainer.”  Mouhsine LAKHDISSI, Manager Architecture AXA France


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