EA Express Lite

EA Express Lite (An Introduction to Open Frameworks for Enterprise Architecture)

If you fit into any of the following profiles, here is a unique opportunity ‘to test the waters’ with TOGAF® and see if it is for you.

If you are:

  • an IT professional caught in the disruption caused by emerging technologies who wonders about your pathway ahead?
  • a hardcore specialist in one single technology who wants to understand the bigger picture?
  • adomain architect (infrastructure, application, data or security)who wants a peek into adjacent domains?
  • someone seriously considering TOGAF certification who wants to understand benefits of a full- fledged certification course and examination?

Then TOGAF Lite is tailored for you

In this intensive two-day, hands-on courseyou will learn the theory and practical aspects of using the TOGAF framework,and industry best practice.It is based on real-life customer case studies and uses artefacts conducted by EA practitioners, not academicians.

The course covers all the concepts and knowledge of The Open Group’s TOGAF framework, and answers questions such as:

  • Why is Enterprise Architecture a strategic initiative?
  • What makes TOGAF a major force for transformation in the IT and business world?
  • How does TOGAF work in practice?
  • What can TOGAF do for you and your organization?

TOGAF Lite is all you need for a solid introduction to TOGAF.

EA Express Lite

Upon Completion

Students will:

  • Have a good appreciation of Enterprise Architecture
  • Have overall knowledge of TOGAF
  • Be able to apply knowledge of TOGAF to practical situations
  • Understand the basics of developing TOGAF artefacts and using EA Repositories with EA Tools
  • Be able to take on strategic roles crucial for Enterprise Architecture / business transformation engagements
  • Be well equipped to plan for the TOGAF9.1certification course

Learning Objectives

  • to train students in the basic concepts of enterprise architecture and TOGAF.
  • to familiarize students with the features of TOGAF and its methodology.
  • to enable students to take best advantage of how to use TOGAF in their work.
  • to show importance of EA tools in modelling architecture artifacts

With highly interactive sessions supported by real-life case studies, templates, tips and examples, participants will learn to develop TOGAF based Enterprise Architecture components.


No Prerequisites for this course

Target Audience

This course is suitable for Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Data Architects, Business Architects, Security Architects, Senior Developers, Technical leads, IT Solution Consulting Professionals, Business Transformation Consultants, Senior Managers, Business Managers, Business Analyst and Project Managers.

Course outline

Day 1

  • Course overview
  • Enterprise Architecture and its components
  • Case study 1 – Winchester house
  • Case study 2 – Paris Guide
  • EA Tool Demo for Repository, Content, Metamodel and IAV
  • Preliminary Phase of ADM With Architecture Governance and Architecture partitioning
  • Hi-Med Case study introduction
  • Case study 3- Drivers
  • Stakeholder management
  • Views and viewpoints
  • Implementation support
  • Architecture Vision
  • Business architecture with Case Study

Day 2

  • Recap by Team
  • Information System architecture
  • Views and Viewpoints creation for an EA Project
  • Creating Requirement Use Cases
  • Migration planning – Project creation and Prioritization
  • Project Management Office – Activities in Implementation governance
  • Dynamic change management
  • High Level Design Creation and Handover to PMO
  • Case study 12 – EA/ SA
  • Applying EA for Security architecture
  • Applying EA for Service Oriented Architecture
  • Architecture Capability maturity model
  • Honing on skills to become a great EA
  • Q & A – Conclusion and feedback

Why train with CC AND C Solutions?

Open Group Leadership

CC and C Solutions was a pioneer in TOGAF certification training and has been a Gold Member of The Open Group for over a decade.

We have been an active participant in the Architecture Forum since 2001 as well as leaders in the IT4IT Forum.

Real-World Focus

Our approach is to make you feel empowered to put your learning into practice.

Your instructor will be an experienced practitioner who can bring their hands-on, real-world experience to life.

CC&C training prepares you for the actual application of the training material and focuses on the skills you need to be an effective and respected professional.