Architecture Foundations for the Digital Age

Architecture Foundations for the Digital Age

Architecture Foundations for the Digital Age is our newest offering for enterprise teams, led by CC&C’s master practitioners. It is tailored to the challenge of upskilling global delivery teams for agile, DevSecOps and new technologies.

The rate at which any company need to expose features to its customers is faster than ever.  To deliver that, the business need to master a few things:

  • First, master the tools that provide acceleration to the solution delivery team.
  • Second, define processes that set the tone for rate of delivery.
  • Third, scout the market for new and emerging technologies.
  • Fourth, provide its key leaders a path to combine subject matter expertise with new technologies and rate of delivery.

For participant this course is designed to provide all four of the above.

Level 1 (Core) paints a story of how the architects bridge corporate vision and product vision to enable rapid delivery of solutions.

• Enterprise Alignment (Days 1 and 2)
• IT Operating Model with DevSecOps & IT4IT (Day 3)

Level 2 introduces a list of technologies that can be tailored to your strategic imperatives. Current half-day modules include:

• Microservices and APIs
• Cloud Computing
• Mobile Computing
• Big Data
• Security
• Other Emerging Technologies

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Why train with CC AND C Solutions?

Open Group Leadership

CC and C Solutions was a pioneer in TOGAF certification training and has been a Gold Member of The Open Group for over a decade.

We have been an active participant in the Architecture Forum since 2001 as well as leaders in the IT4IT Forum.

Real-World Focus

Our approach is to make you feel empowered to put your learning into practice.

Your instructor will be an experienced practitioner who can bring their hands-on, real-world experience to life.

CC&C training prepares you for the actual application of the training material and focuses on the skills you need to be an effective and respected professional.